Hi, I am Jem and this is my family. A little goofy. A little grumpy. A lot of love. We live in Victoria, BC, Canada. Our journey started in 2010 when we left everything behind and traveled the West Coast in our awesome gold van. This adventure turned our fast food eating, TV watching, liquor drinking, gratification seeking lives upside down and all around. And we haven’t looked back.

It happened slowly at first as if the universe gently pushed us towards health. Then, all at once, it kicked us off a cliff. Can’t really go back after such an awakening! We drank raw milk, ate liver and organs, seafood, seaweed, raw egg yolks, and butter. So much butter. And we still do.

I became a chapter leader for the Weston A Price Foundation in 2011 and am currently co-chapter Leader for Vancouver Island/Victoria. After two children and a big move, my mind and body were tired and stressed. Adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, and depression were kicking my butt. The universe answered my plea for help and I followed Dr. Kelly Brogan’s book A Mind of Your Own. Once again, my life was changed. I finally have the stamina and energy to focus, follow through, and coherently share my passion and skills with others.

Our family values honest, respectful parenting methods: Hand in Hand parenting, continuum concept, and Waldorf education. We eat nutrient dense foods and keep toxic chemicals out of the home. Working as a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils supports our family goals and being a therapeutic grade oil, they have infinite uses in our home. Also, they smell amazing! Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique is essential and on my list of goals to become a certified practitioner. Breath work, healing sounds, obscure herbs and minerals, earthing, cod liver oils, sweetbreads, and other oddities is what this blog is all about. Oh, and of course breastfeeding. Always have to bring that up!
Enjoy the diverse content, crazy rants, and loving posts about what we are uncovering in this extraordinary life! Many blessings, the Engelmanns.