When looking at our overall health, it can feel like a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle, dumped out on the table, pieces everywhere, the box lid covered in paint from our kids, so we can’t quite tell what the picture is anymore. Unfortunately, we are more overwhelmed than excited and hopeful.
How did we get to this point? Where going to a family doctor to address a concern leaves us discouraged and doubtful. We get sent home with medication to mask some symptoms, told it will help the problem, but not given any information to investigate the root of any symptom and how we can find optimum health. My passion in life is to locate all the puzzle pieces to create a full picture of health and wellness. A picture that is vibrant, truly alive, pain-free, joyous, and empowered.
I am able to remember and recall random health facts, information, and studies. This area is so fascinating to me and so, this is how the Food Cult began! I can not sit quietly and watch my loved ones struggle with depression, on medications that are creating further damage and taking toxic medications for rest of their life. You don’t have to change, but when you want to, the information should be there, easily accessible.
Emotions and health are one in the same thing: connected and inseparable. You will have to address even the first feelings you can remember having as a child. But not to worry, I have you covered. After experiencing, listening, and reading everything about everything, I found I had a knack for uncovering useful tools, hidden connections, and all those dang puzzle pieces. Life isn’t perfect, but wow, is it a million times better now that I have the pieces and the full picture. I volunteered a lot of time helping friends and family find theirs but struggled to see my own value in this process. The classic Venn diagram shows that where passion, purpose, and being all intersect is where our job/income is. Well, this is my intersection and I am so proud and honored to share with you. At no point do I claim to know your story or be a doctor, I simply have created a place to empower you a little bit more, investigate, share with others, and see what other alternatives there are.